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GRiNNERS - Providing Catering Services to Perth!

GRiNNERS for Award Winning Perth Catering Services...

GRiNNERS, has been providing award winning catering services to Perth for over 10 years. As a leading Perth catering services company, we take pride in providing imaginative, high quality, affordable catering services to the Perth community.

Our Perth Catering Services Will Ensure Your Event is a Success...

At GRiNNERS' Perth catering services, we go to great lengths to ensure that your event is a success. Whether you wish to entertain 10 guests in the privacy and luxury of your own home or organise a venue and function for 2000 guests, our Perth catering services apply the same attention to detail.

Perth Catering Services that Use the Freshest, Highest Quality Ingredients...

At GRiNNERS' Perth catering services, we use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients in our food preparation. All our delicious food is personally prepared at our commercial kitchen, guaranteeing that only top cuisine is delivered by our accredited catering services division.

Perth Catering Services Providing the Ultimate Experience...

GRiNNERS provide the ultimate Perth catering experience. All you need to do is make a selection from our extensive catering service menus, tell us the time, venue and number of guests and we will do the rest.

GRiNNERS - Perth Catering Services Renowned for Great Food & Excellent Service...

GRiNNERS' Perth catering services not only provide delicious, mouth-watering, high quality food to your guests, our staff remain at your venue until everyone has eaten, before they clean everything away. At GRiNNERS' Perth catering service, great food, excellent service and flexibility are all on the menu!

Perth Catering Services that are Accredited Gold Licence Caterers...

We are one of the few Perth catering services that has been accredited as a Gold Licence Caterer. This means that GRiNNERS' Perth catering services conforms to the highest catering industry standards set by the Independent Accreditation Board of Restaurant & Catering Australia.

Perth Catering Services with Many Delighted Customers...

Most of our business comes through referrals from thousands of customers delighted by our Perth catering services. See testimonials.

Allow GRiNNERS' Perth catering services to develop the perfect dining experience for you. Contact GRiNNERS' Perth catering services for help organising special, worry-free occasions.

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